There is a State Emergency Service unit in each council or shire locality. Our primary ares of responsibility are the City of Canning and the City of South Perth. While we recommend that you join a unit close to you, living outside these council areas will not preclude you from becoming a member of Canning South Perth SES.

What opportunities are there within SES?

There are several opportunities to pursue unique training interests, cultivate skills and enhance techniques, all while providing an invaluable service to the community. There are front-line and support roles that are all critically important in supporting the unit. Training courses are run through the year mainly on weekends. A sample of courses available to you include:

  • Storm Damage;
  • Flood Rescue;
  • Operations and Communications;
  • Map Reading and Navigation;
  • Search and Rescue Techniques;
  • Leadership;
  • Air Search;
  • Four Wheel Driving;
  • Fire Support

Examples of important and necessary support roles behind the front-line include:

  • Operations and Communications;
  • Welfare & catering;
  • Stores & logistics.

What is the commitment?

SES membership is voluntary.

We train on Tuesdays between 1900 hrs – 2200 hrs and expect members to attend training regularly. Consequently, if you have a regular commitment on Tuesdays, please consider another unit that trains on a different day.

Training courses are generally run on weekends.

As an emergency volunteer organisation, the SES is on call 24/7. While response to callouts is voluntary not mandatory, it is understood that volunteers may not be available at various hours due to work and other commitments. It is up to the volunteer to discuss leave or emergency service leave (where applicable) with their employer and to ultimately decide if they can/cannot respond to the request for assistance. Having said that, if you are frequently unavailable, then this rescue organisation may unfortunately not be right for you.

You will need to be able to make your own way to the unit at any time of the day or night.  Public transport is not always a viable option because services through the weekends and nights are too infrequent.  Please note; walking or cycling to the unit is acceptable as long as you live close enough, but please consider that call outs can occur in the middle of the night and during all weather types and these modes of transport may not always be the safest.

Additionally, FIFO workers are asked to especially consider your ability to regularly attend training, courses and callouts.

Is there a cost, age or fitness requirement?

Joining the SES is free, but as it is a volunteer role you will not be paid. The minimum age to volunteer with Canning South Perth SES is 18, but there is no maximum age limit.

Volunteers must be aware of their own physical and mental capabilities. Some activities and courses require a high level of fitness, such as searches. Volunteers need to know their own limitations to prevent putting themselves and their team in danger.

If you are not at a reasonable level of fitness, there are support roles within the organisation that are also critical to our operations that may be more suited to you.

What advantages are there to joining the SES?

Being a volunteer and undertaking regular training means you can:

    • Develop new skills and knowledge;
    • Apply existing skills and knowledge to different situations;
    • Explore opportunities to be creative and develop initiative;
    • Develop leadership skills;
    • Improve your interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills.

How do I become a member?

Register your interest and attend an information session where you can come along and meet some of our existing members. Information sessions are held throughout the year on a weeknight and there is no obligation to join after attending an information session.

If you wish to join the unit following the information session, you will need to submit a formal application, and if successful, you will be invited to attend induction training. This is usually run on a weekend and provides an introduction to the basic skills used in SES operations. Once the induction is complete and following a Police Clearance, you will be placed on a three month probation period with DFES before being formally recruited to the unit.

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